A System of Systems Approach to Analytics using Nolans Peer Relativity Profiling Transformations

A Transdisciplinary Approach to Strategic Profiling.

An Action Philosophy Model.

Analysis of DEET data for funding models and student migration patterns using 3 dimensional spreadsheet modeling.


Curriculum vitae.pdf

Data is the new water in the digital age – Uni of Wollongong talk.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions – Is there a common ground?

How to design and implement a cohort study of student progression rates

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Modeling and Applications of Multi-Dimensional Interval Data to Artificial Life, Control Systems, Decision Making, etc.

SAHIS: Simulated Artificial Hybrid Intelligent System.

Solving reshelving backlogs in a university library.

SoSEdata3D: A process for mapping System of Systems data in 3d.

Surveys: Some tips and tricks for writing and analysis.

The Competitive Edge of Surveys – Finding the Gaps.

The knowledge pirates guide to institutional research. (an ebook)

Using Decision Intelligence activities for Management & Marketing Analysis for Decision Support.

Using Hyperpanometrics for complexity modelling and analysis