A test of a perpetual survey, to show how advanced surveys can gather lots of useful data.

1. Anonymous ID

This is an ID that only you know. It helps us to be able to look at how your answers change over time, but it does not tell us who you are.

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2. Age Question (Please tick all relevant options)


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3. Please tell us your sex.

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4. History of engagement with the school

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5. In which years do you have a student enrolled?

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6. Where is your residence / accommodation located?We would like to know when your home base is please?

Please tick all that apply

Local = Lower North Shore
City CBD – In or around the inner city.
Inner Metro – Within the Hurstville, Penrith, Hornsby areas.
Outer Metro – Within the Wollongong, Lithgow, Newcastle area
Rural – Within any where ease in NSW, not already listed.
Interstate – Any other location in another state
International – Not in Australia.

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7. Which event would you like to provide feedback on?Please tick all that apply.

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8. Please tell us what you expected in this event?

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9. Please tell us what you experienced at this event?

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10. Please tell us what you found enjoyed about the event?

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11. Please tell us what you disliked about the event?

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12. Any other comments

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13. Follow up

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