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My innovations

Nolan’s Language Index / 语言索引
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Using phonetics and digital hash to profile words for text and sentiment analysis / 使用语音和数字哈希来分析单词以进行文本和情感分析

Nolan’s Fuzzy Logic Matrix / 模糊逻辑矩阵
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A three dimensional dynamic self adjusting matrix to model nth dimensional data in two dimensional space / 二维动态自调整矩阵模拟二维空间中的n维数据

Nolan’s Capstone / 顶点
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A hierarchical between group, within group profiling process to model data relativity using a system of systems approach / 组内分层,在组分析过程中使用系统方法建模数据相关性

Nolan’s Colour Data Processing / 色彩数据处理
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Using colour light or images to do data processing (encryption, calculations, compression, storage) / 使用彩色光或图像进行数据处理(加密,计算,压缩,存储)

Nolan’s Digital Hash / 数字哈希
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A distance preserving digital fingerprinting method using a discrete cosine transform to generate a unique value, based on the position and observation of data / 基于数据的位置和观察,使用离散余弦变换来生成唯一值的距离保持数字指纹识别方法

Nolan’s Peer Relativity Transformation / 同伴相对论转型
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A reshaping / re-scaling transformation, to profile data points into clusters / stratification’s / groupings / 重塑/重新缩放转换,将数据点分析为聚类/分层/分组

Nolan’s Numeric to Text Visualization / 数字到文本可视化
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A methodology for relabeling 53 stratification’s from numerical to alphabet, to visualize and apply text mining to numeric data / 一种方法,用于将53个分层从数字重新标记为字母,以便将文本挖掘可视化并应用于数字数据

Nolan’s Community Safety Audit / 社区安全审计
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A gap analysis survey to profile community safety based on the perception of groups of people / 基于对人群的感知来描述社区安全的差距分析调查

Nolan’s Dendromatrix / 树状图矩阵
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A general purpose utility problem solving technique, based on total quality management processes, to map group thought and generate action plans to solve problems / 基于全面质量管理流程的通用实用问题解决技术,用于映射群体思想并生成行动计划以解决问题

Nolan’s Hyperpanofiction / 多向讲故事
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Nolan’s Hacking the Universe / 黑客入侵
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A method for connecting everything in the universe and modelling it / 一种连接Universe中的所有内容并对其进行建模的方法


Data Mining in the ATO
Graduate Certificate in Management UTS
Cert Grad Statistics (Parametric & non-parametric) UNSW
Cert Grad Action Research USYD
Teradata Introduction
Teradata Data Mining
Data Camp – Python

Awards, Acknowledgements & Volunteering

Who’s Who in Science and Engineering 8th edition 2005 – 2018
Who’s Who in Australia 2002 – 2018
Who’s Who in Business 2002 – 2018
Local Hero Award 2001 (Lane Cove Council)
Order of Australia Medal 2001
Rotary Pride in Workmanship 1999
NSW Police Service – Volunteer in Policing – 25+ years’ service
Fellow of Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia
Lane Cove Council community advisory communities 2010 /2018
NSW Fire Brigade – Community Fire Fighter and Data Science Researcher
NSW Police Force – Volunteer in Policing – Data Science Researcher
Royal Society of NSW – Librarian and Treasurer 2012
Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers – Previous Board Member
Institute of Analytical Professionals Australia – Foundation Member Previous / Board Member
Australian Association of Institutional Research – Previous Board Member
IEEE SSIT Australia – Committee Member (Communications)
IEEE Standards Association – Secretary P7006 Ethics of AI Personal Assistants – General Member.