If we assume that the Covid 19 is a natural occurrence, and not artificially generated.  If we accept that the planet Earth is a complex system (Capstone System) which is feed by many different feeder systems. That the planet Earth is driven by a balanced system that oscillations from time to time, to remain in balance. Some of these feeder systems are water, air, weather, animals, geography, plants, ecosystem, etc.

However now the coronavirus family has over 20 different virus have appeared. While only three are human, as mentioned in the 2014 patent US10130701B2. These virus are having such a devastating impact on the planet, with life alternating impacts around the globe.

Living systems of systems theory tells us that a Capstone system only take a serve correction, when the normal oscillations are unable to maintain a balance, usually with a number of feeder systems out of phase.

So my question is, what trigger event has occurred to cause such a drastic correction. Is this an independent correction of a feeder system? Are the recent fires and floods around the planet, part of a number of feeder systems correction also? Or is everything that’s happening part of the bigger Capstone System.    

I think the bigger question on hand is not how do we kill the virus, or protect people from the virus. If we are heading into a rebalancing Capstone System event, then some ting else will occur, until the rebalance has occurred.

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