Meeting => Sunday the 12th @ 9.00 am Sydney Australia time.
See world times below.

Since 1994, the World Automation Conference (WAC), has helped to facilitate Smart Minds focus on emerging issues of our times. But with Covid-19, our times have changed forever. No more than ever, we need Emerging issues in Technology and Engineering, to help us survive in this new world. WAC has consistently help the emerging issues of 1994 transform into everyday life.Now WAC needs to adjust to undertake the same important role in the post covid-19 era. 

These are topics for a reshaped WAC

WACNew name?
LogoNew head logo?
New section logos?
VenuePhysical venue ?
Virtual venues
Time frameEvery 2 years?

New sections
These are topics and their new sections.

Smart CitiesLiving
Smart LivingLiving
Non Binary ComputingThis looks at analogue, optical, etcComputing
Lounge Room ManufacturingManufacturing
Autonomy & autonomous systems
Human and public healthHealth
Space technologies
Analytics & Data ScienceData Science
Community Safety
System of Systems, Social EngineeringApplying systems of systems engineering theory to human interactions
Climate ChangeEnvironment
Sustainable Manufacturing Manufacturing
Circular EconomyEconomics
Smart grids, Micro grids and Nano grids
Smart Cyber Physical Energy Systems
Nanomaterials & Nano drugs

Some suggestions are – Please send us more!

We will be using Jitsi, if there are people who can not access zoom. You can test Jitsi at https://meet.jit.si/g3n1u5

Please see the chart below for your Sunday Morning, or Saturday afternoon / evening times.