Multi-Axial Management Schedule

This schedule is being used to identify different styles of managers. Managers have different characteristic tendencies. This inventory aims to establish your characteristic attributes.  There are no right or wrong answers. For example, some managers are extraverts while some are introverts. Many will be a mixture of the two tendencies and therefore will fall in the middle range of the rating scale. Your answers are anonymous. That is, your name is not required

1. My ages in years

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2. Your highest educational level achieved (please tick)

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3. Your Level of Employment

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4. Please answer between  1  if you are a person who focuses on the issues take a long-term strategic view of Issues to 5 if you are a  big picture person who likes to in front of me and their immediate of requirements and consequences.




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5. Please answer between 1 if you are an intuitive thinker who can tell at a glance what the solutions are to problems 5 if you are a systematic thinker who likes to logically analyse issues.



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6. Please answer between 1 if you believe most issues  have one clear cut answer 5 if you are of the view that there is more than one answer to  most issues.



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